Saturday, March 31, 2012

Me party

That's right. I had one.

But now my gut's paying for it. I think there might've been gluten in the rinotta. Can't find my Librax.

Oh wait found it.

Me party still worth it.

Met with a new writing group today--total strangers, read the first chunk of my book out loud in a coffee shop to people I'd just met. For an introvert, that shit is like jumping in a pit full of ravenous hyenas, but I've got to get feedback on this beast before I can start querying. And this is how you do it. You talk to people in the real world. If you believe enough in what you're doing, then you swallow your fear and you deal with it. You just, fucking, do it. So I did it.

The writing group was good. Small. They have a good dynamic and they gave me thoughtful feedback. I suspect they will be the kind of people who will be able to tolerate my bipolar bullshit.

As I was reading, the character of Jerome took on an entirely different tone. Much more angry than he was in my head previously--the way his voice came out of my mouth and said his lines, I suddenly felt this humming inside him, this undercurrent I knew was there but hadn't found the shape of yet. I suddenly got him a lot more. Which is saying something, becuase the boy's been in my head for 16 years now. You'd think I'd know everything about him.

So glad I went. Brilliant writing from some of the other group members too. This could be just the thing.

Today's picture.


  1. Sorry for coming off as sounding dumb, but is that you in the can o' whoop ass picture? Either way, I love it :)

  2. You don't sound dumb! Yah that's me getting ready to open a can. Thanks :)