Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love how when

I'm up I carry this supposition that everything in my head has value and is worth recording. So much that I carry a notebook everywhere and scribble my thoughts in it so they don't get lost in the constant flood of new ideas.


  1. I think that I make the staff of the hospital unit I go to a little paranoid. They hand out journals. I discovered in my first stay that I get the most benefit of writing everything down. My last stay I actually filled 1 1/2 notebooks. Frustrate me, you make it into the notebook. I think of something, anything, and it goes in there. The first time I was in I couldn't even do more than bullet points. I hate the food. The dietician took away what I will eat. Everything is green and brown. 2 people went home. I will be staying. Etc.

    1. Yeah writing is like a thousand percent easier than talking. Especially if you've had your talker quashed by some asshole in the past and have lost all faith that you can do it right. Hence blogging. Hence writing books. Start with what bullet points you have.

  2. Um, unknown is me.
    Just Me Jen