Monday, April 16, 2012


So I thought I'd game the system and see if I could get my GP to write me a lamictal script since my prev psychiatrist is a d-bag and i don't want to go back to him while I wait for my appointment with the new one in May. The GP totally said the psychiatrist i was going to before is a d-bag. (not in those terms, but very clear what he thought of him.) And he wrote me a script. YES.

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  1. When my psychiatrist was diagnosed with cancer while I was inpatient (don't see her inpatient unless she's on call) I suddenly got home without a dr, on a new MAOI, a doubled Seroquel dose, a changed benzo, and severe anxiety. My family doctor managed all that for me for a month. I was so glad that he had been involved all along. Now things are so complicated that I don't think he would help with much, but that's understandable.